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    ॥ स्वास्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणाम ॥
    Finest A2 milk home delivered from holy Gir cows.

Know the holy Gaumata

From millions of years cows were always worshiped in India and their status of mother was raised to the level of Goddess. Therefore, the cow is considered sacred, as it provides us life sustaining milk.

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About VITA farms

Milk is a way of life and your health is our top most priority. VITA farms is a very honest, simple and pure thought of providing vedic A2 milk from the cow, without any adulteration, directly to the consumers table , the way we did it in the past.

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Why A2 Milk is called divine milk!

स्वादु शीतं मृदु स्निग्धं बहलं श्लक्ष्णपिच्छिलम्| गुरु मन्दं प्रसन्नं च गव्यं दशगुणं पयः||२१७|| तदेवङ्गुणमेवौजः सामान्यादभिवर्धयेत्| प्रवरं जीवनीयानां क्षीरमुक्तं रसायनम्||२१८||

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